Words die in my throat. In memoriam of Sandrine Gasq-Dion (10/25/17)

Greg Tremblay / Greg Boudreaux - Audiobook Narrator

Thankful am I, for the gift of text… because my words are ashes in my throat today.

I learned this morning of the death of a lovely woman, an author I’ve done a number of projects with and chatted and snarked with on a number of occasions. Whose words of praise made me blush, and who took with excellent humor some light-hearted ribbing over character’s misbehavior on the page.

Sandrine Gasq-Dion was one of the authors who helped me launch the “Greg Boudreaux” branding line, with her book “A Marked Man” only a year and a half ago. She wrote with vigor and a sense of passion, she lived in passion and loved her stories, her characters and her readers.

Her sudden passing yesterday has left me stunned. Tears and silence reigned in my recording booth this morning when Rhys called to let me know.


She was brash, bold, controversial…

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Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered

Expressed perfectly!

Rhys Ford

file9841262998453I’m going to be honest here.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of fighting.

I’m tired of struggling to ensure rights are respected, tired of the battle against a tsunami of hatred and loathing and ignorance. I’m worn out.

You see, I’ve been fighting this battle since I was about twelve, almost thirteen. I can tell you the exact moment when it struck me that it was wrong to deny someone the right to love another human being because they are the same gender.

It was the day my father said something about one of my friends… a fourteen year old boy. A scrawny, happy, smiling fourteen year old boy named Stewart.

He said, “I hope that fucking faggot dies. I hope someone kicks his ass and he fucking dies.”

A fourteen year old boy.

My father was a police officer at the time, untouchable, arrogant, and armed. He is a…

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I’m Back, with a give-away link

I’ve been absent for quite awhile, and do apologize to anyone who has missed me.  What can I say?????

I’ve been READING!!!!!  📗📙📕📘😎

Anyway, there’s this great giveaway over at CleanTeen Publishing, and they want to introduce themselves to you.  No, they DON’T censor the books, they just let you know the content so you can find a read for your kid, niece, nephew, grandchild, well,  you get the idea.  They explain it much better than I do.  Just follow the link below and they’ll introduce themselves.

Enter to win this gift basket worth more than $130!

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Depression and Writing Struggles

Pretty well sums up the viscous cycle depression can be. Especially hard to deal with during the “holidays” when everyone expects you to be “jolly”.

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Hi. My Name Is Lisa and I’m a Straight Woman Who Reads Gay Fiction.

Absolutely 100% agree with this post. The “Dirty Discourse” article mentioned was just outright insulting to all female readers of the MM Romance genre.

The Novel Approach

My Two Cents

See the title of this blog post? Kind of stating the obvious, yes? But it’s not something I’m ashamed to admit. I’ve had gay friends since high school, worked in the airline industry where a vast majority of my guy friends were gay, and read quite a few “gateway” books in the mainstream romance genre in my lifetime, so when I lucked into a book called Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville, the concept of two men being in a relationship wasn’t new to me. When I proceeded to find a community of readers and authors who shared the same love of reading these books, I felt as though I’d finally found a place where I belonged.

There’s an article (Warning: some of the associated photos are NSFW) that popped up quite a lot on my Facebook Newsfeed yesterday, an editorial piece by an anonymous author, a gay man…

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Supreme Court Justice Didn’t Know Marriage Can’t Legally Involve Churches or Religion


via Supreme Court Justice Didn’t Know Marriage Can’t Legally Involve Churches or Religion.



*shakes head in disbelief *. He didn’t know that religion did not play a part in marriage??  Really?

1+1+marriage license + notary + witness + witness + filing completed license @courthouse = marriage?

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Dear American Christians

Dear American Christians.

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