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I said it on Facebook last night, and I’ll say it again: you have all struck me speechless with the love and support you’ve all given Fen and me. He and I spent yesterday in a bit of shock. For three years, this was our dirty little secret (not as secret as we thought, but pffft) and we feared the same kind of fall out we’ve gotten in real life. We should have given you far more credit in a genre built on acceptance, where love is love and you want stories where gender doesn’t matter.

You are the best of humanity and I’m proud to be a part of it.

It’ll take me days to get back to those who messaged me, but please be patient. I will.

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Embracing My Life and Myself

Theo Fenraven

You know me as Fen: male, thirtiesh, dark hair, primarily attracted to men but also love women. I’m politically inclined (liberal), generous to friends (and sometimes to strangers), sarcastic, and have a wicked sense of humor. I love my dog, Suki, live in Florida (dream come true!), write books, edit for a living, and take photographs of my world.

Not all of the above is true, and I have lately had an epiphany that prompts me to come out in a way I never have before. To borrow from Edmond Manning’s beautiful series of books, I’m going to king myself. I have the power, and I’m not waiting for Vin to show up and do it. I am a found king.

The tagline on the blog says “Let me tell you a story….” It’s the internet, folks, where no one knows you’re a cat. Everyone thinks they know me, but arguably, they don’t know…

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On Coming Out by AJ Rose

Coming Out.

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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Reality of Fiction – Kaitlyn’s Story by J.P. Barnaby

The Novel Approach



711_TheNovelApproach_JPKaitlynWhat is the purpose of fiction, specifically romantic fiction? Escapism? The big “happily ever after”? Finding the dream? The big awwwwww moment? For me, fiction is a journey outside myself that leaves me more enriched than it found me. Sometimes, that happens, sometimes not, but as Donald Maass reminds us in Writing the Breakout Novel, “It is that truth that persuades us to care and convinces us that this story contains the stuff of life.” Most of my books, especially the novels, have a strong basis in reality, in fact. A portion of the events in these stories have happened to me, to my friends, or on the news, but none more than A Heart for Robbie.

Like a really convincing lie – threads of truth interwoven with fictional elements create a rich tapestry of believability – something that could actually happen. A Heart for Robbie is based…

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