Name That Blog!!

We need your help, brilliance, wordsmithing.

This blog was first intended to be a place to post my book reviews. Yes, I hear your mutterings, I know I haven’t posted the first review yet. So this place is going to be a little bit of everything that tickles my fancy, catches my eye and ticks me off.

Now the problem.  My 10 y/o wants to post her book reviews also. She’s already posted her first on Goodreads and wants to do more.

Why is that a problem you may wonder.  Well, I’ll tell you.  We need a name for the blog.

I thought of All Over the Page, since we will be posting both adult fiction as well as “tween reads” that she is currently reading.  Occasionally, there may even be a book review from the 13 y/o son.  Too bad that name is already taken.

Between The Covers sounds a bit too risque for a 5th grader to refer her language arts teacher to, and even more to be posting to!

So dear readers, (all three of you) it’s your turn to point me in the “write” direction and come up with some suggestions. 

What so you get out of helping us?  I’m glad you asked. 

You’ll get our undying gratitude and thanks and a special mention in the “about me” section of the new blog.

We look forward to hearing from you

BookLover62 & BookWriter554



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