Hummm maybe I should do this with the kids this summer… I’ll practice while their in school… can’t have my 10 & 13 year olds showing up their Mom.

CJ West

On March 29, I posted about Cravings and the new book I’m writing about addiction. I decided that I could get in touch with what my characters were feeling by cutting out all the foods I love but are bad for me. And what better time to ramp up the exercise than when you’re already losing weight on a diet of carrots, cucumbers and baby spinach?

A few weeks later, my friend Jillian Dodd saw the post and challenged me to appear on her MANday page. Every Monday, she features a hot celebrity showing off his abs. Like this guy:

I don’t qualify as a celebrity yet, so I really have to work my abs.

Jillian and I are targeting July for a photo session and a post if she wins our bet. Details on that coming here soon. In the meantime, I’m kicking my workouts into high gear and…

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