Feb 22: National No Non-Procreative Sex Day

Dr. Jen Gunter

The GOP has a problem: uncontrolled vagina and uterus syndrome.

It has a four year cycle that parallels the elections. It is most quiescent in the winter after a Presidential election, with a moderate spike in the lead up to midterm elections. There is a respite the following winter and then a full blown attack starts a year before Election Day. Symptoms crescendo until the President is elected and then the cycle starts again. The cure for uncontrolled vagina and uterus syndrome is Traditional American Values. A known byproduct of this illness is shaking money out of the pockets of the Religious Right.  

Evidence that we are now in a the midst of a full-blown epidemic of uncontrolled vagina and uterus syndrome:

The GOP doesn’t think employers, or even health plans, should cover contraception. Reason being it’s cheap (to a millionaire yes, yes it is) and it’s going to…

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